Five Things to Bring to the Airport to Save Money

It's no secret - Travel be get expensive. It's always the things we don't plan for that add up and take away from the excursions, drinks, tours - the stuff we actually do want to spend on. I'll never forget when Miami...

How to Find Cheap Flights to Travel More

One of the questions I get the most is how am I able to travel so often? This post might be a little lengthy but then again - isn't it worth it to learn how to score international flights for less than the cost of a musical...

Bay Area. Beer lover. Bull runner. Instagram food seeker.

The first time I did any overseas travel, I did it alone and guess what’s the first thing I do?

Lose my phone!

Since then I’ve made many mistakes but hey – I won’t make them again & you shouldn’t either, 

Let me show you my secrets so you can travel more!