I’ll never forget when Miami International airport tried to charge me five dollars for instant noodles. It’s no secret that airports are some of the most overpriced places you’ll walk into while on your trip. It’s where you suddenly realize everything you forgot and it ends up being a mistake that costs you. 

A good portion of your travel budget already went to your flight, there’s no reason to be spending more on just getting there. This money could easily be saved and go toward splurging a little more on something you actually care about.   

After all the time you spent preparing and hours waiting at the airport – you’re gonna need something to tie you over till you get to your destination. Whether it’s water or a snack – don’t pay these marked-up prices. I’ve taken enough flights to know exactly what to bring to always save money at the airport! 

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Stop buying the $5 dollar waters at the airport. It hurts even more because you know water shouldn’t be that expensive. You can’t travel with liquids but you can travel with an empty water bottle! To this day – I have never been to an airport that didn’t have water fountains (usually by bathrooms). More than likely, after stepping off a plane filled with dry air, you’re gonna wanna buy whatever cold beverage you see first. 

When you’re in a foreign country and don’t know if you can even drink the water – being dehydrated can start your trip on the wrong note (headaches, dizziness).

Fill your water bottle before your flight to stay hydrated and to fight the effects of jet lag. Fill it after too – give yourself peace of mind knowing you’ll have water when you need it.

Especially when traveling in foreign countries, give yourself extra peace of mind and invest in a LARQ. These water bottles filter your water with the same technology hospitals use to sterilize stations for patients.

Buying food at the airport is never worth it but it definitely feels like it when you’re on your flight, hours away from your destination and starving! My only choices in the middle of the sky being microwaved airplane food and overpriced 7-11 snacks. 

I learned my lesson and I will never be hungry on a plane again. 

Like I mentioned above, an airport tried to charge me almost 5X the price for regular cup noodles. It was that day that I realized instant noodles are the perfect snack to travel with. Any food that you can make with hot water – oatmeal, rice, mac and cheese will be your best bet. Whether it’s while waiting at the gate or from the flight attendant – I’ve never had a problem getting hot water. Any of these food fill me up enough to leave the airport to get to the food I really came for. 

The only reason I’ve ever bought a $13 mimosa was that I was at the airport.

If you’re like me and my friends, we like to make it feel like vacation as soon as we check into our flight. Nothing makes it feel more like a getaway than a pre-flight cocktail. Those $13 mimosas add up! Alcohol is always marked up – even more being at the airport. Who would’ve guessed that you can’t bring liquids but you can bring alcohol?

I have tested this a couple of times and that free soda you get on the flight (perfect chase for the shot of tequila in your bag). You’re technically not supposed to drink your own alcohol while in the air, so slip in your shot discreetly.

TSA allows you to bring up to 3.4 oz of liquids on your carry on and that includes alcohol. Make sure the shot is sealed and some airports require it to be in a plastic bag. Mini bottles of alcohol must be able to fit comfortably in a single quart-sized bag.

TSA might look at you a little crazy, but hey – it’s worth saving an easy $15 (with tip) at the airport.  

With these three tips – there’s no reason you should be spending at the airport on things you “think” you need. You can also check out my post on how to find the cheapest flights to learn how I find flights to be able to travel as often as I do! 

If you have any tips, or anything to share with me – I’d love to hear it!