I remember sitting in the university library and thinking, “I’m not spending another summer at home doing the same things again.” I kept picturing the previous summer that was filled with long hours at a job in the mall that I definitely did not love. 

I refused want to spend my summer doing the same things I did the prevous summer. It wasn’t a bad summer – don’t get me wrong. However, I just knew there was more in the world and I wanted to see it. 

My life changed the day I decided to stop waiting for others and just go to the places I dreamed of seeing. I had wanted to travel since grade school but was forever waiting on others to join on the adventure. If there’s one thing I’m glad I learned young was that if you wait for others, you may never get the opportunity. If there’s anything I want to show you, it’s just go. If you want to do something bad enough, just do it. There’s a value in being alone & you’ll realize it may be the best thing you ever did.