While being in sweatpants with no commute sounds great, working from home isn’t for everyone. With great flexibility comes great responsibility. When it’s only you pushing yourself to get those deadlines – it can be tough getting yourself to focus. 

There can be a cost to productivity when it comes from working from home. With your bed being a less than 10 step walk from the “office”, it takes some discipline. 

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First things first – get out of those pajamas. Being in your PJs all day might seem like the dream but can be a major killer to your productivity. You’d be surprised how much more productive you’ll feel when you feel good too. 

Do what you need to do to be yourself into work mode. 

Whether its showering and putting some makeup on – get out of that big t-shirt and be ready for any Zoom meeting that comes your way. 


  • Don’t work in the bedroom

If you can avoid it, don’t work in the room you sleep in. Don’t take away from the place where you find relaxation. Since you’re spending a lot more time at home – you need to make a clear distinction between work and home life. 

Your mind will associate this room with rest and working in this environment won’t be as productive as isolated work space. 

  • Set-up Your Workspace for Success

Since working from home usually means a lot of computer work but make that stop you from being active. Make sure your labtop is set-up in a way your back and eyes don’t end up hurting. 

Experts say your labtop should be just below eye level so your eyes don’t strain when you read. If your keyboard is too low – your back could end up hurting.

Working from home using means a lot of virtual work. It means sitting in a confined space for x amount of hours till you get your work done. Make it a place you enjoy being. Make sure your desk is set-up in a way so your body doesn’t ache after a day at the job. 

Even though your job is flexible – you do have deadlines too. 

You get bonus points if you’re able to make your desk a standing desk.

A recent study done by Texas A&M University found that employees that incorporated standing desks into their work were 47% more productive than those who stayed sedatary.  

  • Create a morning routine

Even though you work from home – work has a structure because it works. Use that time you would usually spend commuting into productivity.

Whether it’s setting an alarm at 7AM, taking a shower and making coffee – have a process so your mind knows it’s time to go to business. 

  • Keep a water bottle on your desk

Before you even walk toward your coffee maker – challenge yourself to finish a bottle of water first. 

Invest in a water bottle that can hold at least 40 ounces and challenge yourself how many times you can finish it. If your like me and like to quantify everything – keep a tally of how many you can chug down a day. 

You’ll get a lot less headaches and you’re skin might thank you too!

  • Write things down

If you have any type of idea or errand, write it down. I don’t know how many times I’ve forgot something genius because I forgot to write it down.

I’ll look through my notes sometimes thinking I would’ve never remembered that if I didn’t write it down. Even though you swear you’re going to remember – write it down. 

  • Set breaks

Give yourself something to look forward too. Try to shoot for a certain time everyday to eat your lunch. There’s nothing more annoying than having a lunch break. 

  • Don’t eat at your desk

Okay – maybe a yogurt or small snack isn’t the worst thing in the world. A lot of the time, since we’re passing the hours sitting doing office work – those chips sound good just because they’re there. Save yourself the calories and don’t bored eat.

Think about all the unnecessary meals you had to buy because you failed to bring lunch from home. Since you’re working from home, there’s no reason you should be doordashing.

  • Create a to-do list

Lists have changed my life in the last. Something about crossing something off a list is so satisfying to me. So if you want to give yourself something to accomplish, compose a list of everything you need to complete. 

Not only will you have set goals to accomplish but when those times when you sit at your desk not knowing what to work on – just take a look at that list.

  • If you live with roommates – set boundary

Even though family members may question how eating ice cream in front of your computer counts at work it is. Make sure the people you live with clearly know your work hours so no one accidentally walks into a video call. 

If you don’t respect your work time, the people around you won’t either. 

  • Get exercise on breaks

Eliminating your morning commute also means eliminating all those steps you would be taking at the office. Not only will going on walks wake up your brain but it will rack up those 

With these three tips – there’s no reason you should be spending at the airport on things you “think” you need. You can also check out my post on how to find the cheapest flights to learn how I find flights to be able to travel as often as I do! 

If you have any tips, or anything to share with me – I’d love to hear it!